I visited the Maryland zoo in Baltimore this past week and got to see so many different birds from around the world. Talk about stunning and some even funny to look at. I saw the Blue Belly from the western and central Africa and the Caribbean flamingo which are found on the North coast of south America,Mexico and Caribbean islands. These absolutely gorgeous birds were kind enough to smile for my camera. 


Moving on to the bigger animals, which always are a great part of any zoo trip I was able to get a couple more shots to share. First, I caught the beautiful giraffes from Africa (which are the tallest animals on earth) then I popped by the big cats to see  the stealthy lean cheetah. At one time cheetahs were found across the Middle East and Africa, but now are in limited areas in Africa. This guy was completely comfortable strutting around the enclosure.


The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has so many different animals from all over the world. It’s like our own little paradise and its a great place to spend the day with your family and friends. There are several places to eat in the zoo, as well as concessions. There also are a lot of quiet places to just sit and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

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There is so much to see that you can spend a day or come back over a couple of days and really get a feel for the zoo, wheather you are visiting Maryland or you are a local who hasn’t had a chance to check out the Maryland Zoo, it is a beautiful experience. For me there was an extra privilege in being able to witness and photograph these amazing animals.