Tucked away in the Hampton area north of Towson you will find the Hampton Mansion. This Mansion was the largest residential building in The United States during its initial completion in 1790. The estate is home to gorgeous Georgian architecture. Buildings such as stone-clad slave quarters, barns, and stables all have been perfectly preserved as part of their place in American cultural and architectural history as well as because of the building’s significance to Maryland.

Beautiful statue of a mother and child in the back breezeway of the mansion over looking the garden.

Rolling Gardens

As part of the National Park System, the Hampton Mansion is well maintained inside and out. The grounds are is home to surreal gardens that feature trees exceeding 200 years in age. Photographers and tourists alike will also find excitement on Mansion grounds during the holidays, so be sure to check the park schedule for special events. Every year the property is classically decorated with lights and ornaments giving away the warm Christmas feeling and making for a spectacular late evening visit.


Statue of a little boy sitting in the front breezeway of the mansion over looking the grounds.

Schedule a tour of the Hampton Mansion

A very knowledgeable staff holds daily tours of the Mansion and its surrounding properties. Anyone new to the area will also be pleased to discover the surrounding points of interest like multi-cultural restaurants, affordable hotels and the ever so popular Towson Town Center.


Capturing a scenic view from one of the many windows

Taking a complete view of history

The Slave Quarters at the Hampton Mansion were maintained as well to give visitors a very particular view of the way people lived at the time, including the slave class. While the slaveholders at Hampton also employed indentured servants, hundreds if enslaved Africans live on the plantation for the nearly 100 years slavery endured there.


A look back in time inside the slave quarters.