With Dorchester County’s pristine rivers, marshlands, working boats, quaint waterfront towns and villages, much still exists of the authentic eastern shore landscape and traditional way of life along the Chesapeake.

Dorchester is home to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Because of the county’s location on the Atlantic Flyway, Blackwater NWR is a bird watcher’s dream. In spring and fall, tens of thousands of birds and waterfowl take sanctuary here for a few days or all season.

Blackwater consists of 27,000 acres of wetlands and brackish tidal marsh, which are open year-round for bird watching and nature walks. Guided tours are available, but cycling and hiking through the refuge can also be an exciting adventure.

Cycling tours, kayaking and canoeing, fishing charters and exploring historic sites are just a few of the outdoor adventures awaiting you.

Attractions such as the Spocott Windmill, the only existing post windmill for grinding grain in Maryland. Under fair winds the windmill is still operated from time to time and the Harriet Tubman Museum, documenting this famous slaves’ roots in Dorchester as an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War.

Cambridge, a bustling arts and entertainment district and Maryland Main Street Community offers great dining and galleries.

Cities in Dorchester County, Maryland include: Cambridge, Brookview, Eldorado, Hurlock, Vienna